VW California Ocean Comfort

Atklājiet ceļa brīvību ar VW California Ocean Comfort kempervenu, kas nodrošinās Jums greznas un ērtas mājas uz riteņiem prom no mājām. Šis kempervens ir ideāli piemērots tiem, kas meklē kvalitāti un ar daudzām funkcijām aprīkotu transportlīdzekli savam nākamajam piedzīvojumam.

VW California Ocean Comfort var lepoties ar jaudīgu 150 zs 2,0 l TDI dzinēju, kas nodrošina vienmērīgu un uzticamu braukšanu. Ar uzlabotajām drošības funkcijām, tostarp drošības spilveniem, bērnu ISOFIX sēdeklīšu stiprinājumiem un daudzajām autovadītāja palīgsistēmām, Jūs varēsiet būt pilnīgi mierīgs un drošs, iepazīstot savus jaunus galamērķus.

Tā salonā Jūs atradīsiet labi aprīkotu dzīvojamo telpu, kurā ērti varēs izmitināties līdz pat četriem pasažieriem. Grozāmie priekšējie kapteiņkrēsli, salokāmais aizmugurējais benķis, kas pārveidojams par gultu, kā arī, paceļamais jumts ar papildus 2 guļamvietām nodrošina pietiekami daudz vietas Jūsu atpūta un dzīvošanai. Pilnībā aprīkotajā virtuvītē ir gāzes plīts ar diviem degļiem, izlietne, ledusskapis un daudz vietas ēdiena pagatavošanai, visām nepieciešamajām virtuves lietā, traukiem un pārtikai.

Saglabājiet savienojumu ar Jūsu viedierīci un izklaidi izmantojot digitālo mērinstrumentu paneli un navigācijas sistēmu, kā arī, vadu un bezvadu App-Connect iespējas. VW California Ocean Comfort ir aprīkots arī ar mūsdienīgu audio sistēmu, kura atbalsta Apple CarPlay un citas ar telefonu savienošanas sistēmas, kas nodrošinās Jums ar ideālu skaņu un Jūsu mīļāko mūziku visa ceļojuma garumā.

Izbaudiet atpūtu brīvā dabā, izmantojot kempervena izvelkamo marķīzi, kempinga galdu un krēslus, kā arī, uzlādējamu LED kempinga lampu. VW California Ocean Comfort ir piemērots arī četrkājainajam draugam, lai piedzīvojumā varētu piedalīties visa ģimene.

Izbaudiet perfektu stila, greznības un praktiskuma kombināciju ar VW California Ocean Comfort kempervenu un dodieties neaizmirstamā ceļojumā pa Latviju, Baltijas valstīm un ārpus tām.

We had an amazing trip in Latvia thanks to Armand and the VanBaltic team. Communication was clear and easy before our arrival so that when we landed in Riga we were picked up and brought to the van. Armand went through everything with us and even checked in periodically to make sure we were having the best trip possible. Driving in Latvia is easy and there are many great options for parking in scenic, beautiful places. We will be back!
Maxime Maton
Maxime Maton
10/10 🤩 I rented a van for 10 days. Everything went very smoothly. The team is super friendly! No better customer service! If any problem, I could contact them by WhatsApp at any time. They would respond directly. I can only advice their service to discover the beauty of the Baltic countries!
Justin Carlson
Justin Carlson
The VanBaltic rental company I chose for my three-week adventure deserves high praise for their exceptional service and top-notch vehicles. Here are some positive aspects that made my experience so memorable: Impeccable Customer Service: From the moment I made my reservation until the day I returned the campervan, the company's customer service was outstanding. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate about creating the best possible experience for their customers. They patiently answered all my questions, provided valuable insights and recommendations, and ensured that I had everything I needed for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Well-Maintained and Reliable Vehicles: The campervan provided by the company was in pristine condition and showcased their commitment to quality. It was evident that they took great care in maintaining their fleet, as the vehicle was clean, well-equipped, and mechanically sound. I felt confident and secure throughout my entire trip, knowing that I was traveling in a reliable and roadworthy campervan. Attention to Detail: The company's attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the campervan rental experience. From the thoughtful amenities provided in the vehicle to the comprehensive orientation they offered before my departure, they left no stone unturned in ensuring that I had a seamless and enjoyable journey. It was clear that they truly cared about their customers' comfort and satisfaction. Flexibility and Support: Throughout my three-week adventure, the company demonstrated a high level of flexibility and support. Their responsive communication made it easy to make arrangements and address any concerns I had. Additionally, they provided excellent roadside assistance, giving me peace of mind knowing that help was just a phone call away in case of any unforeseen circumstances. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and unforgettable campervan adventure. Armands, the owner, makes you feel like you're a friend and not a customer. With any other European van rental company, you're likely to never hear from actual humans when you have questions, or your questions will be relayed to some call center in some other country - this is definitely something I wanted to avoid in order to feel more comfortable about my booking. Thanks again to VanBaltic to one of the best experiences!
Wij hadden een geweldige ervaring met het gehuurde volkswagen busje van VanBaltic. De bus is gloednieuw en van alle gemakken voorzien. Bij het ophalen van de bus nam Armands alle tijd om alles van de bus te laten zien. Ook onderweg reageerde hij snel op onze vragen. Het inleverproces was snel en makkelijk en het was super fijn dat we bij het vliegveld konden worden afgezet. Wij hebben enorm genoten van ons avontuur en de vrijheid die we hebben ervaren op onze 10 daagse rondtrip door Letland en Litouwen. Bedankt!
Martins Zeimanis
Martins Zeimanis
My family and I recently had a week-long European road vacation in a VanBaltic camper van, and I must say that it was an absolutely fantastic experience from beginning to end! As a family of four (myself, my wife, and our two energetic children), our adventure exceeded our expectations. From the moment we picked up the campervan, we were delighted by the camper van's impeccable condition and well-thought-out design. It was clear that VanBaltic takes great care in maintaining their fleet to guarantee that their passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable travel. The van was large enough to seat all of us comfortably, and the intelligently planned storage compartments made it simple to keep our items tidy. The freedom and flexibility that came with travelling in a camper van were one of the most memorable aspects of our trip. Unlike regular vacations that need frequent packing and unpacking, we were able to take our comfy home on wheels with us everywhere we went. This was especially useful when travelling with children, who may be unpredictable at times. The camper van gave us a sense of familiarity and comfort in each new destination, whether we were exploring charming villages, lounging by lakesides or simply taking in the breathtaking landscapes. The VanBaltic team has meticulously outfitted the camper van with everything needed for a wonderful journey. The kitchenette was fully equipped with tools, cookware, and a refrigerator, allowing us to prepare our own delectable meals anytime we wanted. This not only saved us money but also added a fun element to our journey as we cooked together as a family. The beds were surprisingly comfortable, ensuring we got a good night's sleep after our daily adventures. Moreover, the customer service we received from VanBaltic was top-notch. It was evident that they were passionate about helping us make the most of our trip. They were just a call away in case we had any questions or needed assistance, which added an extra layer of security to our travels. Our kids were absolutely thrilled with the whole experience. They loved the idea of having a "mobile home" and were excited to pick different spots to park for the night. It was heartwarming to see them bond over board games, stargazing, and the simple joy of spending quality time together as a family without the distractions of daily life. In conclusion, our week with VanBaltic's camper van touring around Europe was an unforgettable adventure that brought our family closer together and allowed us to create cherished memories. The combination of comfort, convenience, and the sheer excitement of the open road made this trip truly exceptional. We wholeheartedly recommend VanBaltic to anyone seeking a unique and enriching way to explore Europe with their loved ones. Thank you, VanBaltic, for making our dream vacation a reality! We can't wait to embark on another journey with your fantastic camper vans in the future.
Luise Döring
Luise Döring
Haben uns spontan entschieden Lettland mit einem Van zu bereisen. Armands ist super nett, gibt hilfreiche Tipps für die Reise. Da wir ein Kleinkind dabei haben, wurde sogar ein passender Kindersitz besorgt. Der Wagen ist in sehr gutem Zustand. War die beste Entscheidung den Van zu mieten! Definitiv eine Empfehlung!
Chryschan B
Chryschan B
Wir haben den VW California beach space mit kleiner Küche als Option für 9 Tage gemietet und es sollte ein in vielfacher Hinsicht traumhafter Urlaub werden. Dass uns Armands pünktlich direkt vom Flughafen abgeholt hat und schon im Vorfeld ein sehr persönlicher Kontakt mit Informationen und Auskunft über unsere Route durch Lettland und Litauen stattfand, war nur der Anfang. Der gemietete Bus war in perfektem Zustand und bestens ausgestattet, sowohl technisch auf bestem Niveau, als auch mit allen für Camper benötigten Dingen versehen, so dass man nicht einmal Besteck mitbringen muss! Es war einfach alles vorhanden und man kann die Zusatzausstattung vor der Reise bequem an die eigenen Anforderungen anpassen. Auch während der Reise konnten wir uns mit Fragen und benötigten Informationen direkt an Armands wenden. Ich kann diese Art des Urlaubs allen empfehlen, die das Reisen im VW-Bus mal ausprobieren möchten, sowie allen, die schon Erfahrung mit dem Vanlife haben und auch denjenigen, die einen eigenen Van zu Hause haben, aber keine Lust auf tausende Kilometer Fahrt, sondern entspannt die baltischen Länder zu erkunden. Wir werden auf jeden Fall wieder mit vanbaltic reisen, schließlich wollen wir noch nach Estland und dann den California Ocean ausprobieren 😉
Igor Shelemetiev
Igor Shelemetiev
Amazing 10-star experience exceeding all our expectations! The difference it makes when everything is organised by someone in love with what they are doing and we could feel it at every step: from clear and very engaging van demonstration to invaluable tips for perfect wild camping spots to staying in touch during the trip for whatever questions we had. The van was in perfect condition, making both time on the road and during camping truly enjoyable and stress-free. One of the best family vacations we ever had and already looking at our calendars planning the next trip:) Thank you so much @VanBaltic for the amazing memories, we are definitely coming for more!

VW California papildaprīkojums

Vai plānojat ņemt līdzi velosipēdus vai arī nepieciešama papildus sega un spilvens? Iepazīstieties ar mūsu plašo nomas aprīkojumu klāstu un izvēlieties sev nepieciešamās lietas, kas uzlabos Jūsu ceļojuma pieredzi, nodrošinot neaizmirstamus piedzīvojumus un paliekošas atmiņas.

  • 2,0 l TDI dzinējs, 150 ZS, Euro 6d ISC-FCM
  • 4MOTION pilnpiedziņa
  • 4 pasažieru sēdvietas
  • Transportlīdzekļa pilnā masa: 3080 kg
  • Transportlīdzekļa izmēri (DxPxV): 4904 x 1994 x 1990 mm
  • 80 l degvielas tvertne, Degvielas patēriņš (kombinētais): 7,2 – 7,1 l/100 km
  • Paātrinājums 0-100 km/h: 14.6
  • Maksimālais ātrums: 179 km/h
  • Riepas: 235/55 R 17 103
  • Klīrenss: 193 mm
  • Oglekļa monoksīda detektors un signalizācija
  • Pirmās palīdzības komplekts, 1 drošības veste, brīdinājuma trīsstūris, stāvvietas disks
  • Gaisa spilveni, bērnu drošības elementi un ISOFIX stiprinājumi
  • 7 pakāpju DSG automātiskā transmisija
  • Elektroniskā stabilitātes kontrole un dažādas bremžu palīgsistēmas
  • Autostāvvietā novietošanas un joslu pārkārtošanās drošības palīgsistēmas
  • Atpakaļskata kamera, satiksmes brīdinājuma sistēmas, ceļa zīmju atpazīšana
  • LED priekšējie lukturi un miglas lukturi
  • Stipra sānvēja asistents, palīgssistēma braukšanai kalnā
  • Imobilaizers
  • Digitālais mērinstrumentu panelis un navigācijas sistēma
  • Auduma sēdekļu apdare
  • Noņemams/aizslēdzams sakabes āķis
  • Elektrohidrauliski paceļamais jumts
  • Elektriski regulējami un apsildāmi ārējie spoguļi
  • Dubultpakešu logi un tonēti stikli
  • Bīdāmās durvis labajā pusē ar mehānisko fiksatoru
  • Daudzfunkcionālā stūre ar ādas apdari
  • Grozāmi priekšējie sēdekļi, salokāms bīdāms iekštelpu galds
  • Jumta gulta un izvelkama gulta salonā
  • Gaisa kondicionēšanas un apkures sistēmas
  • Multivides sistēma ar DAB+ radio
  • Apsildāmi sēdekļi, mazgāšanas sprauslas un vējstikla tīrītājs ar lietus sensoru
  • Āra duša, žalūzijas un vissezonas riepas
  • Iebūvēta virtuvīte ar diviem gāzes degļiem un izlietni
  • Āra duša
  • 2,75 kg gāzes balons Campingaz 907
  • 30 l tīrā ūdens tvertne, 28 l netīrā ūdens tvertne
  • Waeco kompresora ledusskapis (42 l)
  • Divi palagi ar gumiju augšstāva un apakšstāva gultu matračiem.
  • Bialetti Moka Express 6 tasīšu espresso vārāmā kanna
  • Virtuves piederumi un aprīkojums, galda piederumi un trauki
  • Uzbrauktuvju ķīļi/izlīdzinošās rampas
  • Kempinga galds, 2 krēsli un papildus bēņķīši
  • Izvelkama marķīze (2000 x 2600 mm) ar stiprinājumiem un piederumiem
  • Adapteris no CEE uz 230V, pagarinātāja kabelis 25 m
  • Uzlādējama LED kempinga lampa
  • Elastīga 2-7 m ūdens šļūtene un salokāma 10 l ūdens kanna