Summer in the Baltic states is synonymous with vibrant music festivals that cater to a variety of musical tastes. From the sandy beaches of Latvia to the historic cities of Estonia and Lithuania, there’s a festival for everyone. This guide highlights the must-visit music festivals in the Baltic region during July and August.


1. Tallinn Music Week

Dates: June 27 – July 1, 2024
Genres: Indie, electronic, classical, and more.
Key Attractions: Tallinn Music Week (TMW) transforms the city into a hub of cultural activity. Venues range from traditional concert halls to unique urban spaces. Attendees can enjoy not only music but also art installations, talks, and performances.
Tickets and Accessibility: Tickets range from single-day passes to full-week passes, available on the TMW website. The festival is easily accessible by public transport and offers various accommodation options.

2. Intsikurmu Festival

Dates: August 2-4, 2024
Atmosphere: Set in a forested area, Intsikurmu Festival provides an intimate and magical atmosphere. The festival’s layout encourages exploration and connection with nature.
Performers: Features a mix of local Estonian talent and international artists.
Experience: Offers camping facilities, diverse food options, and engaging activities like workshops and art installations.


1. Positivus Festival

Dates: July 19-20, 2024
Location: Salacgrīva, on the Baltic Sea coast.
Lineup: Known for hosting big names in the music industry, past performers include artists like The XX, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and Alt-J.
Festival Features: Beyond music, Positivus offers art installations, a diverse range of food stalls, and relaxation areas.
Travel Tips: Easily accessible from Riga by shuttle buses. Nearby camping and hotel accommodations cater to all budgets.

2. Summer Sound Festival

Dates: August 2-3, 2024
Genres: Electronic, pop, and rock.
Location: Liepāja Beach.
Activities: Apart from the music, attendees can engage in beach volleyball, yoga sessions, and various water sports.
Atmosphere: Combines the thrill of a music festival with the relaxation of a beach holiday.


1. Karklė Live Music Beach Festival

Dates: August 16-18, 2024
Setting: Held on a picturesque beach in Karklė.
Performers: Features a blend of international stars and local musicians.
Atmosphere: Emphasizes a laid-back, beach party vibe, making it perfect for those looking to relax and enjoy good music by the sea.

2. Devilstone Festival

Dates: July 11-14, 2024
Genres: Alternative and metal.
Unique Features: Known for its eclectic mix of music, art installations, and extreme sports activities.
Location: Set in the scenic town of Anykščiai, providing a unique festival experience away from the usual urban settings.

Practical Tips for Festival-Goers

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  • Stay hydrated and take breaks to avoid fatigue.
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The Baltic states offer an exciting array of music festivals during the summer, each with its unique charm and atmosphere. Whether you’re a fan of indie, electronic, rock, or metal, there’s a festival that will cater to your musical tastes. Start planning your summer adventure now and immerse yourself in the vibrant music scene of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. After any of the festivals you can start your adventure in the Baltic States or finish your adventure with a festival. Not sure how long the adventure takes? Find out here – How many days do I need to explore the Baltic States?