Why us?

Choose us for your campervan rental adventure, and enjoy the perks that set us apart. Our service is pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friends along for the ride. Share the driving experience with a second driver at no extra cost, and find the perfect VW California model tailored to your needs. Booking is a breeze with our simple 5-step process, and you can travel with peace of mind knowing we offer comprehensive insurance coverage. Embark on your unforgettable journey with us and experience the ultimate vanlife adventure!

Add 2nd driver for free

The great thing about VanBaltic is that two drivers are always included in the price. With us, you don’t have to pay for the second driver. Chill out and allow someone else to drive too. If two drivers are not enough, no problem; you can add more for a fee.

Free equipment and accesories

VanBaltic campervans have all the essential camping and cooking equipment for free. You are ready to go on your road trip in no time. Leveling ramps, rechargeable LED lamp, rubber mallet, cookware, dinning ware, 3 fitted sheets for all beds, water bag and more useful staff are waiting you already on board. Camping must be pure comfort and joy! If free equipment is not enough, why not to add additional rental accessories that will take your trip to the next level?  

Pet Friendly

VanBaltic welcomes well behaved dogs! If you want to take your four-legged friend on your trip with you, no problem! For a reasonable one time fee, we allow one well-behaved dog to join you on your adventure. Please remember that when you are traveling with a dog, it’s important to protect the seats and the dog’s sleeping area from dirt and debris. Dogs are not allowed in pop up roof beds, and the master is always responsible for possible damage to the campervan interior or exterior as the result of the dog’s bad behavior, habits, and hygiene.

Brand new vehicles

We only rent out brand new vehicles, mostly 1 or 2 years old, with full factory warranties and low mileage, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in top condition. But if something unexpected happens, there is always 24/7 VW roadside assistance available to you at any place in Europe. We take great pride in our vehicles and care for them as if they were our own children. All our vehicles are very well maintained and cared for, so making sure that you rent or buy one from us is a safe bet for you.

Convenient free airport transfers and free parking.

We are located just 10 minutes away from the Riga International Airport, to make sure you hit the road as soon as you land. Service is free of charge. If you are arriving by car, it is still not a problem. We can offer a free parking spot for your car for a whole duration of your trip.

24/7 roadside assistance and insurance

All of our vans are in great shape, and the price includes civil liability insurance (OCTA) and fully comprehensive insurance (CASCO), so you can drive with peace of mind and rest. If something unexpected happens, 24/7 VW roadside assistance is available to you at any place in Europe.

Easy online booking and a safe payment system

Before you confirm your order, our online booking system will let you make changes and figure out how much it will really cost for any given amount of time. There are no hidden costs; all information is clear and transparent. Your card payment is secure and safe. 

Total freedom on four wheels

Enjoy the ultimate freedom on four wheels with a Vanbaltic campervan. Just follow your heart. Be spontaneous. Don’t worry, and relax. With us, you are in safe hands. It doesn’t matter whether your journey takes you to distant countries or you’re exploring your home country or hometown, with our campervans, there are no limits; you are free to go wherever your heart tells you. A campervan can offer you maximum flexibility on your trip. You are extremely agile; you can climb any mountain road and stand unobtrusively free in nature; you can easily maneuver through narrow city streets; and thanks to 4×4, you can even get through the most challenging terrains to reach the remotest corners of land, which normally would be impossible for your typical camper. This is exactly the adventure you have been dreaming of for so long – immerse yourself in this unique VanLife experience without breaking the bank or changing your lifestyle forever.

Always the best prices

VanBaltic can not only provide you with the best services and equipment, but we also do it at a very affordable price. If you want to save more and can afford a long journey, we will happily apply 5, 10, or 15% discounts to all rentals that exceed the 7, 14, or 21-day marks. For example, during the low season, you can rent our campervan for only 76 euros per night, which is a true bargain. In addition, you can subscribe to our email newsletters in exchange for a €30 coupon and save even more on your first trip with VanBaltic.

Ready to go in no time

Our policy is that our campervans must be set up and equipped so that you can go on your trip without a need for extensive packing or hassle, or, to be precise, right after the handover protocol is signed. All you need to do is visit the nearest supermarket to fill up your fridge, and you are ready to hit the road and enjoy your newly acquired freedom without wasting your precious time. You may ask how about gear. No worries. VanBaltic campervans have all the essential and basic camping, sleeping, and kitchen staff on board for free, and the good news is that all this is already included in the price.

Personal and friendly service

We are taking care of you before, during, and after your VanBaltic adventure. No question is left unanswered. We understand, especially if this is your first experience with traveling in a campervan, that it takes time to adopt and get used to a new environment and all the hi-tech bells and whistles packed inside the van. This is why we are always happy to give you the best advice or assistance before handover or if such a need arises later in your journey. Our goal is to make your VanBaltic experience as smooth as possible. Our core values are friendliness, transparency, and loyalty.

Save your money

Our campervan is a cost-effective way to travel. In fact, your vehicle will serve as both your “hotel” and “restaurant,” allowing you to eat and sleep comfortably wherever you go. You can stock up on groceries at the supermarket or buy local produce directly from farmers, then prepare your meals inside or outside your van while taking in scenery that most people will only ever see in pictures. In countries where lodging and restaurants cost a lot, you will definitely feel the impact of your savings. Last but not least, our vans are equipped with highly efficient, environmentally friendly diesel engines and have one of the lowest fuel consumptions in the camper’s market.

Reunification with nature

Our campervan is the perfect vehicle to help you get out into the great outdoors. Enjoy the silence, immerse yourself in nature, and take the moment to appreciate it. Hearing the sounds of nature in the morning as you awaken next to a river or the ocean is a unique experience.

No fixed schedules, total flexibility and the ability to improvise

When taking a road trip in our campervan, the destination can be chosen on the fly depending on prevailing factors like weather conditions, budget, or even your mood. Since you’re traveling with your vehicle and home “all in one,” you do not have to be committed to a specific hotel, airline, resort, or alike. Suppose you’ve been unlucky and are now trapped in a bad weather forecast at your meticulously planned destination. With VanBaltic, it is not a problem! You have the flexibility to change your next destination or plans on the same day. Just open your weather app, see where the sun is shining, and off you go. Leave the clouds for another day. Happy days!


Select your model

Discover our new VW California fleet, featuring versatile Beach Space models and legendary Ocean Comfort or Premium trims, ensuring ultimate comfort and style.

Select your carefree package

Enjoy comprehensive insurance with our included “Basic” package or upgrade to Silver/Gold for reduced deductibles, enhanced security, and relaxation.

Select your extras

Customize your unique trip with our extensive, carefully-selected services and accessories, catering to diverse needs and interests, ensuring a hassle-free adventure.


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