Our brand-new and luxurious VW California vehicles are designed for effortless driving, cozy overnight stays, and are equipped with cooking capabilities. Sounds appealing enough to start preparing your belongings and hitting the road right away. However, to ensure the best experience possible, we present to you a list of campervan traveling tips.

Choosing a travel route.

Campervan travel, unlike other forms of travel, offers you unlimited freedom of movement. Still, some planning and destination selection is absolutely necessary, especially if you are traveling in a campervan for the first time. For inspiration and guidance, we recommend using travel apps such as Park4Night, Outdooractive, LVM GEO, and even Instagram accounts of different travel communities. Choosing a travel route will not only allow you to find your favorite stopping places but also help you decide which campervan model is most suitable for your travel purpose and company.

Choosing a campervan.

When selecting the best campervan model for your trip, there are three key factors to take into account. The first thing you should consider is the number of people on board —whether you’ll be going alone, as a couple, with family, or with friends. Our campervans offer comfortable travel for up to 4 adults, but the VW California Beach model can provide up to 5 sleeping places if you are traveling with children. Similarly, you can consider the option of taking your four-legged friend – dog – on your trip. Of course, this creates additional requirements and responsibilities for you, but with our campervans, it is possible to go on a trip without leaving your furry friend at home.

Next thing you should consider, when choosing the right campervan, is where you plan to spend your nights. Have you chosen to stay at campsites with access to necessary facilities, or have you decided to be closer to nature and stop at freely selected locations where it is permitted (this type of travel is known as “Wild camping”).

The last, but not least important thing to consider when choosing the right campervan is the planning of your meals and food needs. Prior to your trip, you need to determine whether you’ll cook all your meals yourself, go to cafes or restaurants, or have another option for dining. All our camper van models come with standard equipment that allows you to make morning coffee/tea and breakfast, so if you plan to only cook breakfast, you don’t need any additional equipment – what the camper van provides in basic equipment will be enough. However, if you want to cook all your meals yourself, then you need to choose from additional equipment the “Big Kitchen” or “Small Kitchen” modules or the “Outdoor Portable Kitchen” kit.

Choosing additional campervan equipment.

We are confident that your journey will be much better if you take the time to carefully explore our diverse range of additional equipment offerings. Our vans are already equipped with everything you need to start your trip immediately: pans, pots, dishes for 4 people, a folding table and two chairs, a leveler, a 25m electric cable with various plug sockets, 10L water containers, rubber mallet, pegs for securing awnings, LED light, broom and dustpan. However, our own experience and the recommendations from many other travelers, has allowed us to find the best additional equipment offerings that can make your camper van journey even more comfortable. For an additional fee, we offer the option to rent: a portable gas stove, a gas or charcoal grill, gas cartridges, a bicycle carrier, a cargo box, mosquito nets, an outdoor carpet, various tents, a drone, a hammock, a portable toilet, etc., the list goes on.

Personal hygiene during the trip.

Unlike traditional campers, the campervans we provide are comparable to light automobiles and are easier to drive and operate in any situation. As a result, the stress level of the driver is substantially lower. Due to their compact size, our campervans are not equipped with a built-in shower and a toilet room like traditional camper cars. However, the campervans we offer provide solutions to this problem. For example, the Ocean model is equipped with a built-in 32-liter water system with a sink and tap in the salon, as well as an outdoor shower. Although the Beach model doesn’t come with this equipment as standard, it can be added by ordering extras like the “Big Kitchen” or “Small Kitchen,” in which case it also comes with a 24-liter water system with a sink and tap and an outdoor shower. 

The need for a restroom can be met by using public facilities like gas stations, cafes, shops, campers, museums, and other places. However, for various unforeseen situations, especially when traveling with children, we have an additional solution – a small-sized portable chemical toilet, as well as a portable bio toilet, which can be complemented by a quick-folding tent designed for privacy.

To get a warm shower while traveling on four wheels many travelers advise visiting places like gyms, small spa centers, pools, and water parks (if they are nearby or on the route).

Stopovers and places to stay.

We guarantee that traveling with VW California cars is comfortable and enjoyable, but don’t forget about small rest stops, especially if you’re traveling with children.

If you’re traveling by camper van for the first time and choosing your first camping spot, we recommend choosing a campsite with water, toilets, and electricity, where you won’t have to worry about your safety and a good night’s sleep. Perhaps on your first night of camping, you’ll feel a little anxious about the new circumstances, so don’t burden yourself with other worries and give yourself time to get to know your new home.

In cases where you decide to camp in the wild – “Wild camping,” the first thing you should do is find out about the relevant state legislation – whether camping outside of regular and/or specialized parking areas is allowed for camper vans. The good news is that in Latvia, as well as in all the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, there are no restrictions on camper van parking and overnight stays in the wild, as long as you follow informative signs and road directions and don’t do it on private property without the owner’s permission.

Wherever you choose to stop, respect nature and other travelers so that the place remains clean and litter is thrown in designated places.

Thank you for reading! We wish you a happy journey! 

Enjoy freedom with our new camper vans!