We often hear people say, “We need to show the world to our child”. There are a lot of reasons why it is a great opportunity and a good idea. Camping is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do it. Why? Because we all have heard crying children in airplanes, airports, and buses and parents always know that judging looks from strangers „Do something with your child so they don’t cry”. When you are camping and traveling in a campervan at your own pace , you can avoid all these looks and unnecessary attention. Camping is a fantastic way to spend time with family and create exciting memories for our kids. But first, we always need to remember that traveling with children is never easy! Never! But there are a lot of things that can make our campervan vacation less stressful.

Always remember to take enough breaks on the journey! Anyone who has ever been in a car with children for a long time knows that it becomes exhausting. Make sure to plan as many breaks as possible on your way to the campsite or next destination. So everyone, including children, can stretch their legs or go for a walk, eat, go to the bathroom, and do other things to feel more comfortable and relaxed. You need to make sure you have a plan for activities, have enough free time, and find out what kind of adventures your family is looking for.

A list of things that might help you keep children busy while driving from one place to another:

  • Always show and prepare something new for your children, especially if she or he is at a young age, that might help them keep busy, for example, a new drawing book or toy.
  • Get some snacks! Think about your children’s favorite foods and vegetables, and prepare them well in advance!
  • Think about games that you can play while driving, for example, „I see something blue outside; what could it be?” and children are guessing what it could be.
  • Cartoons, movies, table games— or the king of them all, the iPad, or any other tablet! This way it will keep them busy and engaged, while parents take a rest and recharge for some new action. 

Camping is a great way for families to bond and get closer to each other. There are so many activities that we can do together, like preparing meals or cleaning up the van, playing games, fishing, telling stories around the campfire, experiencing nature, hiking, and collecting stones or flowers. It’s a great educational experience to learn more about wildlife and the environment. Children can relax and enjoy nature at their own pace, which can improve their mood and mental health. They can try a new things and step out of their comfort zone to learn new skills.

Family-friendly campsites provide a safe and relatively secure place for children to play and explore, giving them a great sense of freedom. They need to use their creativity and imagination to play games and try to entertain themselves. Let them enjoy adventures, get in touch with other children, make a new friends, play around, or in other words make the most of their childhood time. Camping with children can be a fun and rewarding experience with a lot of benefits for both the children and their parents.


Camping with children offers numerous advantages, such as family bonding, educational experiences, and stress-free vacations. It allows families to spend quality time together while participating in various activities like meal preparation, games, and exploring nature. To ensure a pleasant trip, plan breaks during the journey, prepare engaging activities, and choose family-friendly campsites. With a little planning, camping with children can be a rewarding experience for both parents and kids.

Happy camping friends!