VW California Beach

At first glance

The VW California Beach is nothing short of extraordinary. It strikes a balance between functionality and comfort, effortlessly earning its reputation as the camper van of choice for travelers. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extensive road trip, the VW California Beach makes sure it’s a journey to remember. Book our campervans now.

A first peek into the VW California Beach reveals an intuitive interior layout designed to attract the modern traveler. The van is distinctive for its spacious sleeping area, accommodating up to four persons. With a pop-up roof area for two and a lower bed conversion, this ingenious design makes the most of its compact structure. Its comfort-first approach extends to every corner, from its swiveling front seats to its integrated kitchenette.


But what sets the VW California Beach apart is its perfect blend of utility and luxury. Promising smart, practical use of space, it houses numerous storage areas, folding tables, and chairs, all cleverly hidden away. Furthermore, built-in blinds, ambient lighting, and thermal insulation add that touch of luxury, ensuring a homely feel while on the road.

Under the hood, the VW California Beach is equipped with a robust engine, ensuring efficient performance, even under challenging terrain conditions. Its advanced driver-assistance systems help maintain a safe journey, with features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Crosswind Assist, and Hill Start Assist. Never compromising on comfort, the optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive offers stability and better handling, making it ideal even for off-roading.

Yet, the VW California Beach’s appeal isn’t just about its impressive features. It embodies the spirit of independence and adventure, encapsulating the dreams of every wanderlust-driven traveler. Keep your route flexible, stop wherever your heart desires, yet have everything you need at arm’s reach – it is this experience that the VW California Beach offers.

Moreover, the van is an eco-friendly choice boasting a Euro 6 emissions standard engine. Opting for this camper means contributing to a carbon-neutral future, adding more meaning to your travelogues.


In conclusion, the VW California Beach serves as a reliable travel companion ensuring comfort, safety, and enjoyment. It symbolically transforms every itinerary into a refreshing holiday, making travel not just about the destination, but the journey itself. Its array of practical features, paired with its embodiment of the spirit of freedom, rightfully cements its status as the camper of choice for travelers. If you want to start your journey with VW California campervans, see some of our guides for rental:

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